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Working Together 
Working Together


Addressing Pupil  Needs through assistive technology


Glasgow pupils and teachers are using a variety of  ICT resources to support  learning - motivating pupils to read wherever they may be- these Kindles can be read or listened to, helping all pupils to access text and enjoy books. Glasgow teachers may be interested in borrrowing a 'Kindle Bundle'. Contact EdICT for more information

Mobile Technology

ASL Technology is just as excited as other teachers about using mobile technologies to promote learning and to provide easier access to the curriculum for all, but especially for pupils with ASN. Mobile devices such as IPads, tablets and Kindles etc have been shown to be very useful but there are a number of issues that need to be considered before they can be effectively used in schools.

ASL Technology is currently participating in a working party- Learning through Technology. This group is considering a range of issues such as: setting up devices, Wi-Fi access and managing the Apps.

As soon as we have agreed protocols we will publish them here.




ASL Technology- impacting on attainment? 
ASL Technology- impacting on attainment?


This service has a positive impact on attainment and achievement.

How do we know?


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Please take a look at our Vision, Value & Aims.

We believe these reflect our practice and support us all in developing effective partnership working.

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Support your learners 
Support your learners


Our Service teachers continue to build the capacity of school staff to effectively use the ICT support tools which are part of the managed service network. We have raised awareness of these ICT resources and provided different models of support and development.

Our evidence demonstrates that this is having a positive impact on reducing the barriers to learning experienced by some young people.
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Desktop set-up  
Desktop set-up

ICT tools to enhance learners access - Accessibility Folder on the managed service desktop.


ASL Technology teachers worked with the Educational Technology & Contract Manager and ACCESS to ensure that a range of assistive technology tools were in place to support pupils with an ASN.

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